Do you have tennis elbow.. or have you been winning as often as Carlos Alcaraz?

You may ask, “what does winning like Carlos Alcaraz and Tennis Elbow have in common?”.. Sit back and I will explain! As many times as he pumps his fist during a tournament, he is bound to at some point injure that elbow.

All kidding aside, and the fact I think he pumps his fist too much during a match, what can I do to guard against Tennis Elbow? The diagnosis you will receive from a doctor would be lateral epicondylitis. The over-use of the elbow without sufficient strength is the culprit. Over-use happens when you do too much of one thing without the proper strengthening needed to do the action consistently. Too much tennis, too many days a week, week arms. The pain comes and goes at first, we have all felt it. That’s the point to do something about it. Most folks wait until the elbow hurts so bad that it keeps them awake at night. At that point it takes many more sessions and much more time to clear the problem. So, what can I do to help guard against tennis elbow.

  1. After playing, ice if needed. Stretch properly.

  2. Limit time playing until a proper strengthening program has been devised.

  3. Pay attention to your racket, which could be causing some of the issues

    1. Weight – Don’t use rackets less than 11 oz.

    2. Balance – Don’t use racket that are Head heavy

    3. Stiffness – String your strings properly. Your coach will have a better idea what weight to string your racket

    4. Length – Keep your racket length under 27.5 inches

  4. Finally: Do not pump your fist at every point of every game of every set of every match.

A couple of fist pumps a match is sufficient, unless of course you are Carlos Alcaraz!

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