• The Incredible Edible Egg!

    The Incredible Edible Egg!

    Why do eggs have such a bad wrap? If you go out to eat breakfast, every menu seems to have what they call a “Light and Healthy” section. Does “Light and Healthy” mean only egg whites are healthy. The yolk is no where to be found. You go to the grocery store, and there are cartons of egg whites only. Make your way to the frozen food section and there it is again, no yolk breakfast sandwiches. But why? What we are told, is that the yolk, is the culprit for all our cholesterol issues, just looking at the yolk you should feel your arteries hardening. But who’s telling us this, and can the yolk be truly that bad for you? Is there no good in it? It can’t be all bad, can it? Is that round little yolks only contribution to our health to wreak havoc inside our bodies? There’s no way this delicious breakfast option is that evil. So I began to research the things about eggs no one seems to mention. The actual nutritional value of the whole egg, and here’s what I found:

    Egg VitaminsEgg MineralsEgg Fat-and-Protein

    On a side by side comparison of nutrients the yolk is clearly the winner. So why are we not only trashing the yolk but trash talking it? Together the egg white and yolk provide quite the nutrient punch. I hear you asking, “if I actually saw the saturated fat level?”, and I did, however, it is saturated fat and monounsaturated fat that is heart healthy fat.  My next blog may be about “butter” being so good for the body that you should be eating it like candy.  Oh yes, the lies we have been told since the 1950’s by Ansel Keys and others about saturated fat.   Let’s not forget the heart healthy omega 3’s and their fight against free radicals. We also hear from the pharmaceutical companies how important multi-vitamins are and how we should buy their products. Then why are we throwing out the vitamin rich yolk? None of what they are telling us makes sense. We all eat for pleasure, but we also eat to fuel our bodies, with the end goal of staying healthy. Why not pass on the English muffin, and instead, eat the whole egg for a more nutrient dense meal.


    Graph data provided by: primaltoad.com

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