• Inflammation, Good or Bad?

    Inflammation, Good or Bad?

    How does inflammation work. Inflammation is just your immune system essentially rushing help to the area of an injury. For example, exercise actually injures your muscles and provokes an inflammatory response, but your body heals the injury and bounces back stronger than it was before. If you continue to train everyday without rest, your body does not have time to heal itself before the next rep or mile. This repetitive breakdown of soft tissue will eventually lead to other more serious injuries, like calf or hamstring pulls, meniscus tears, rotator cuff tears. All of these things can happen to someone who eats a perfect non-inflammatory diet. Now add a normal athletes high carb diet to a heavy exercise or training routine and you have just created the perfect storm. I see it everyday with the athletes that come into our office. The athletes come to us for help with their injuries and we end up working twice as hard and twice as long because of the reluctance of the individual to change their dietary regimen. This isn’t an athlete thing, this is what we see from everyone coming into our office. I end with this, if you are training hard, you need rest to heal the muscles you pushed so hard, if you have a true injury, such as knee or shoulder pain, you must slow down and take care of that injury first. If you will eat a non-inflammatory diet, you may not even have the injuries I’ve spoken about and plus be able to train with much better results. That personal best may come about because of what you eat and not how hard you train!

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